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'The Raven'. What a beautiful, cool looking hell with dark landscapes and colorful backdrops, even though there is plenty to worry about at this 'last stop'. When they prove vacuous and cruel, ostracizing one of their own when she loses her wealth, Fedora realizes her mistake and leaves them to their fate. Charles and Laura share an enthusiasm for sadomasochism, and one night while mock-strangling her during lovemaking, Charles goes too far and kills Laura. On returning to England he remarries and his grief-stricken lover kills herself. The few remaining Harkers' ask for Santos help, because hes a silver symbol and, well, you know werewolves. ADD TO shopping cart love letters froiller (1972)-In Spanish with English subs.

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John Marley, Charles Bronson (un -credited, you just see him Neville Brand, Ernest Borgnine and more. Also with Rip Torn, Paul Koslo and even Conchato Ferrell. A gloomy, almost Edgar Wallace type feel with grungy bars enlivened with funky, ass -shaking psychedelic pop, gender deception, fog, an opium den and some cool looking birds (chicks). These were primitive needs, and in a perfect world, not needed. ADD TO shopping cart lady killer (1937)-IN french with ENG subs. An erotic horror gothic. ADD TO shopping cart hercules OF THE desert (1964)-letterboxed print. D542 Thirteen Days to Die (65) aka: Der Fluch des schwarzen Rubin aka: Agente S3S: operazione Uranio aka: Espionnage à Bangkok pour U -92 Spies chase after the secret formula for uranium U92, employing various sci-fi gadgetry and plenty of violence. Sort of a 'kitchen-sink' variety end-of-the-world flick. Non a me aka: Django - Den Colt an der Kehle While Cjamango (George Ardisson) is away from his ranch, six bandits attack and kill all the members of his family.


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