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upon Italia and Roma at 15:37 spurred the fleet into action, as the anti-aircraft batteries onboard opened fire and all ships began evasive maneuvers. 20 18 Losing power and speed, Roma began to fall out of the battle group. Vittorio Veneto and, littorio, she was used to bolster the anti-aircraft defenses of various Italian cities. Registered members of GotPorn download files instantly. 9 The ship was protected by a main armored belt that was 280 mm (11 in) with a second layer of steel that was 70 mm (2.8 in) thick. These men increased the total number aboard to 2,021 and the total fatalities to 1,393. Shortly thereafter, another bomb slammed into the ship and detonated within the forward engine room, causing catastrophic flooding and the explosion of the #2 main turret's magazines, throwing the turret itself into the sea. According to the official inquest conducted after the sinking, the ship had a crew of 1,849 when she sailed; 596 survived with 1,253 men going down with Roma. 48 a b Garzke Dulin,. Join now for free! Men, women and couples looking for a free one night stand or a longer sexual relationship. Roma was equipped with an anti-aircraft battery that comprised twelve 90 mm (3.5 in) / guns in single mounts, twenty 37 mm (1.5 in) /54 guns in eight twin and four single mounts, and sixteen 20 mm (0.79 in) /65 guns in eight twin mounts. Rome, N 1 was the third, vittorio Veneto - class battleship of Italy's, regia Marina (Royal Navy).

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Escort top class gay escort a roma 12 17 On that same day, the fleet had been scheduled to sail towards Salerno in order to attack the Allied ships sailing to invade Italy as part of Operation Avalanche ; the proclamation of the armistice on 8 September, however, had led to the. The battle group was scheduled to attack the Allied ships approaching Salerno to invade Italy ( Operation "Avalanche" ) on 9 September 1943, but the news of the 8 September 1943 armistice with the Allies led to the operation being cancelled. The construction of both. The transfer of the king to La Maddalena was cancelled, however (he instead fled towards Pescara and when the fleet arrived off La Maddalena, German troops had occupied that base to transfer their troops from Sardinia to Corsica, therefore the stop gay porno dotati incontri gay a cuneo at La Maddalena was. This attack did not seriously damage Roma or cause any flooding, but she nevertheless sailed to Genoa for repairs. 16 Footnotes edit Whitley,. In May 1935, the Italian Naval Ministry began preparing for a five-year naval building program that would include four battleships, three aircraft carriers, four cruisers, fifty-four submarines, and forty smaller ships. Roma was commissioned into the, regia Marina on, but a severe fuel shortage in Italy at that time prevented her from being deployed; instead, along with her sister ships. And everything for all kind of fetishes like leathershops.
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